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What if moderation worked by itself
What if we could protect servers we love?
Here is what we've been working on
A moderation bot
High uptime
Don't worry about Swelly's status, our bot will be ready to help if you need it! Join our support server to view the latest updates!
Powerful AI
We examine messages for toxic content. Next time a member is being toxic, we will be there and stop them from what they do.
Useful commands
Weather you want to lock a channel or timeout or warn a bad actor, we got any command important for moderating.
Artificial intelligence
What if moderation worked by itself?
We worked on making Swelly detect toxic message by its own. Delete harmful messages and timeout members that won't stop.
High performance
Thanks to the bot's high performance, Swelly is always up and ready to help. We at made our bot's performance to one of our most important tasks.

You can count on us
Slash commands
We use Discord's slash commands to make moderation as easy and fun as possible. There's every command needed to protect a server, we promise.
Genuine safety. Protect what you love
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